Facebook Home – Keep chatting, even when you’re using other apps

This is one of the claims that Facebook makes of its new Facebook Home. There has been a lot of hype on the new offering from Facebook. At the face of it, Facebook’s launch is nothing but an interface re-design, but it would be wrong if it had to stop at that.

Facebook’s Newsfeed in 2006 could also be considered a re-design but it caused at least 700,000 users to protest against it. Whilst Facebook claimed it had exposed nothing more than the already available information, users felt otherwise. Prior to Newsfeed, users had to go in respective profiles to keep up to date of what was going on.

Facebook also got its fair share of criticism when Timeline was launched. Once again, all the information Timeline contained was already available prior to its launch. I recall that I spent an overnight downloading all my Facebook data before Timeline came about. Seeing years of personal posts and exchanges in one file is close to scary.

Home seems less intrusive from a privacy perspective, but definitely overwhelming from a user experience point of view. With the Facebook app you could take Facebook with you on your phone. With the Facebook Home variant, you take Facebook with you even when you are roaming around the virtual space. Facebook claims that you can keep using Facebook whilst using other apps. You do not need a social app to get social whilst using it.

Facebook’s Cover Feed takes on from the Windows 8 tiles concept. With the Windows 8 tiles, you can access content without going into the grid like app menu found on all smartphones.

One looks forward to watch Facebook Home move from its intended use to its emergent use as many of us adopt it as their conversation hub.

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