I’m a DJ too!

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 17.46.11

In March, Jimmy Iovine hinted at what his next project is all about. The project revolves around a kind of music curation where you can get a custom list made for you by a team of music lovers. The interview is available here. In the meantime, Grooveshark launched “Broadcast” just 4 days ago. The service makes listening to music a public experience.  This is what the blogging community had to say about the service:

Grooveshark’s Broadcast is attempting to recreate the experience of a terrestrial (aka old school) radio’s DJ shift. A Grooveshark user will first start broadcasting their music selection, which is available to anyone who wants to listen in. From there you’ll basically just play songs from your own collection of music as well as insert 30-second recordings that can introduce songs, sets, or provide commentary about anything. When you stop DJing, you can either hand off your audience to another DJ or your station goes off line. Read more

These new ways of listening to music continue to offer new ways to interact with friends. One day we’re at the office together, next day we become DJs and run a social “radio” stream on weekends! One question remains, what happened to the “request a song radio shows”, are they dead or is this the new way of doing things!?

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