Revolution…what revolution?


I have just come across some more numbers on the general subscriptions to mobile telephony. I have not explored the data enough however it is interesting to note an inflection point between 2009 and 2010. The infection point can be seen even more when one monitors the annual growth year on year. Big things were happening in 2009 and the whereabouts, such as Apple rolling out iPhone 3G and Google launching Android. Were these the cause of the spike, or there’s more to it? Will the Developing world present a similar trend eventually, or will it simply exhibit the unexpected in context of a more connected world? And how does this impact us, the user, in the way we interact?



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New Gmail Compose


Gmail is rolling out a new compose “window”. The changes had been communicated by the Gmail team late in 2012. The window is much more like a bigger chat pop up. I initially thought that as a user I would not like the new functionality. The functionality though  allows for one simple choice, chat and email can occur at the same time. This was possible before, however the new layout makes the activity much more equal and so it is easier to switch between one chat window and another email box. Also interesting is the ease of writing two emails at the same time, switching between the two.

It would be wrong to think that these changes are simply UX cosmetic changes. Gmail made mainstream the idea of email exchanges in one continuous thread. This change highlights an adaptation to new user behaviours such as multi-tasking and a blurred choice between a more synchronous chat and a less synchronous email message.

One should expect that Gmail would eventually introduce “switch to chat” function when the two users are both on Gmail. On the receiving end, Gmail might display a preview of the incoming email, triggering an instant exchange and more conversation through its network. Such functionality is already available on the Facebook messaging interface. 



What BLABInteractive really means today

When I started this blog, some 3 years ago, I was interested in the online space and anything worth labelling ‘new media’. Over the two active years of the blog, I reviewed a bit of anything I thought fell in between these terms.

As a PhD student of the School of Arts and New Media at the University of Hull, ‘BLAB interactive’ means the redefinition of conversation, something which is at the heart of my studies. I am today more interested in the shift from existing, traditional conversation to the innovative posting, instant messaging, chat, in public, continuously and asynchronously.

An iPod and a reader

I am on a train from Durham to Leeds. In such instances I am always curious of people’s use of gadgets so as to make best use of time. So, my current view is a young user of an amazon kindle who a the same time listens to music on her iPod nano.

In the meantime, on my side is a young boy playing with his Nintendo DS game console.

Later at the airport, kids watch a movie on parent’s laptop whilst waiting at the gates.


Finally, I am always impressed by how we personalise our gadgets with all sorts of stickers and covers (as above).