Paperless Libraries

As I write about shifting conversation, I have come across what could possibly be the first paperless public library in the world. Needless to say, I am reading and writing in the virtual space.

Some years ago I was invited to do a presentation at a seminar about publishing. The key take away of my presentation was that the real change is happening at the ends of the value chain, i.e. how book is being created and how the book is being read. I had stated that even though all this has implications on the way books are designed, published and distributed, the real change in the book space is that what really matters is the conversation. It is a big conversation, which cannot be limited to the physical book. Even the word ‘book’ needs to be used with caution.

The paperless library draws focus on the user. It is the user that consumes, shares and creates more knowledge. To appreciate the book, one has to appreciate the conversation around it…to the point of dedicating well designed spaces for such an activity.

The 3 year old presentation follows below: